Derrick Morgan
Songs you could hear in the radio station of

  • Derrick Harriott - Have Faith in Me

    Have Faith in Me

  • Derrick Morgan - Great Musical Battle - Original

    Great Musical Battle - Original

  • Derrick Morgan - I Do - Original

    I Do - Original

  • Paragons - Don't Cry Baby

    Don't Cry Baby

  • The Gaylads - Stop Making Love

    Stop Making Love

  • Owen Grey - Always On My Mind

    Always On My Mind

  • Lord Tanamo - I'm In The Mood For Ska (aka I’m In The Mood For Love)

    I'm In The Mood For Ska (aka I’m In The Mood For Love)

  • Owen Grey - Unchanged Melody

    Unchanged Melody

  • The Ethiopians - Love and Respect - Original

    Love and Respect - Original

  • The Melodians - Rivers Of Babylon

    Rivers Of Babylon

  • The Ethiopians - Slave Call (Album Version)

    Slave Call (Album Version)

  • Derrick Morgan - National Dance - Original

    National Dance - Original

  • Derrick Morgan - Starting All Over Again

    Starting All Over Again

  • The Melodians - Little Nut Tree

    Little Nut Tree

  • The Ethiopians - Train To Glory - Original

    Train To Glory - Original